When two is company, three makes it better

inGO’s not one, but three smart e-scooters are designed to provide riders with the best experience imaginable. inGO Mini, inGO Flee and inGO Flee are each designed for different situations so that you don’t lose out on the most important part - having a joyful ride.

inGO’s modular design functions in three incredible ways- you can pull out a seat to sit, stand while you ride and also ride on three wheels for further balance. Leave your keys and worries behind. inGO’s geofencing feature locates your e-scooter with your phone and a remote control enabling routes for your journeys.

Experience seamless journeys with inGO’s  pneumatic tires for bumpy and rugged roads. With a butter-smooth suspension and best-in-class ergonomics, inGO is engineered to take you long distances.

Battery swapping technology eliminates a longer waiting time. inGO’s Made in India battery swap feature charges the battery under 2 hours from a standard 5 Amps socket with our in-house charger.

With a view on the demands of B2B use-cases, inGO scooters have been engineered for a payload capacity of 150 kgs++, which enables logistics fleets to achieve a lower op-ex, by being able to fulfill multiple deliveries in a single ride.


InGo for Land Transport

Land Transport

inGO has launched 3 variants which serve the complete need for land transport in the micro mobility segment. These vehicles are great for short and medium distance commutes and can carry heavy payloads seamlessly.


inGO for Airports

Air Transport

Airports are the entertainment zones of the future. With airports and connectivity hubs getting more and more crowded, the need for a green and safe commute inside today's massive airports is on the rise.


inGO for Marine Transport

Marine Transport

Ships and vessels decks are very big in size. The crew needs to keep on moving from one part of the deck to another on a daily basis to ensure that the ship is well maintained to make function all conditions.

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