Security Guard Patroling Situation

~15 mins

Quick, effective and efficient Security patrol with inGO Mini

10 mins Maintainance

~10 mins

Response time per maintenance call and increase in the turnaround of number of calls with inGO Mini

Emergency Situation

<5 mins

Lightning fast response time to Emergency & Distress calls in big campuses with inGO Mini

Patrol Situation for Security

~2 hrs & ~5 km

Security Patrol of ~100 acre campus is around 5kms per patrol and takes about 2 hours by foot.

inGO for Building Maintainance

~45 mins

Electrician & Plumber maintenance calls in big campuses without being mobile.

Emergency response call and Supervisor patrol

~25 mins

Emergency response calls in large campuses without a mobility option is usually never on-time.

inGO mini Vehicle image

inGO Mini - Smart e-Scooter for Intra-Campus Ops & Personnel Movement

  • inGO E-scooter with seat and swapping battery
  • Properitary IoT platform
  • Personnel monitoring and tracking
  • Process audit report generation for submission to RWA            authorities
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